DimitriD’ippolito (1993) is an Italian/American artist and freelance photographer born in Florence(IT). He studied photography at the Studio Art Centers International Florence (SACI). He had recently graduated from BA Hons -Fine Arts Photography at the University of Brighton with a First Class Honours. Dimitri is currently working as a studio assistant for MarkPower and Edmund Clark

Dimitri's art concerns social issues in contemporary society and of past happenings that have an influence on our present. His bodies of work are often politically and satirically charged, as he works following the lines of socially responsible art. His artistic practice is expressed through the use of visual elements(produced by many different medium and different processes of image creation) and the construction of installations and sculptural pieces. He narrates stories, facts and realities of our lives and surroundings: in order to do so, he investigates and digs into the heart of situations to find the elements that will enable him to guide the narrations. The aim of his practice is to be both critical and analytical whilst, most importantly,creating awareness in the public about issues that he considers important and deserving to be shed light upon. Dimitri’s bodies of work are in fact generally characterised by the physical involvement of the viewer with the work. 

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2016 "Ardesia Projects", Brighton Photo Fringe 2016, Brighton, Uk

2016 ISSP summer school exhibitionKuldīga, Latvia

2016 "A Process 2.0", Krakow Photomonth 2016, Krakow, Poland

2016 Ryerson Brighton image exchange, School of Image Arts, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

2015 ISSP summer school exhibiton, Kuldīga, Latvia

2015 "Where Are We", One Eyed Jacks Gallery, Brighton, United Kingdom

2015 "Shift", Brighton University Second Year Show, Brighton, United Kingdom


2016 ISSP (Editing Workshop), Tell me a story By Paolo Woods and gabriele galimberti

2015 ISSP Storytelling: Truth, Fiction, and Collaging By Jim Goldberg

2011, SACI, Arts444 Advanced Black-and-white Photography

2010, SACI, Arts(p)300 Intermediate Black-and-white Photography

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